Se necesita Android Software Engineer


Huawei del Perú

Leading Telecom company requires 01 Android Software Engineer inside Consumer Business Group (Mobile Cellphones, handsets, PCs, tablets, wearables, home devices) who is responsible for: 

    • Responsible for technical analysis, verification and developer access support of software project and other related open capabilities.


    • Responsible for the preparation of technical documents related to open capabilities and external communication materials.


    • Assist in the Bug analysis of the software project for developers.


    • Support with software projects of our customers.

Knowledge requirements:

    • 2 to 4 years’ experience in Android platform development (Applications published to Google Play, Amazon AppStore, etc.).


    • Familiar with developing asynchronous, multi-threaded Server-Client applications. Integration mobile applications with back end services (HTTP, REST, JSON, XML, OAuth, SQL technologies knowledge).


    • Knowledge of:


    • Android SDK (Familiarity with Android API Level 19 and up required).


    • Android development tools and external libraries (Dagger 2, Rxjava, Picasso, GSON, Retrofit).


    • Design patterns MVVM, MVP, MVC and general design considerations.


    • Android architecture components.


    • Management of SCM tools (SVN, Git, Maven), general mobile landscape, architectures, trends and emerging technologies.


    • Familiar with:


    • Android Application development framework and software development process, can complete development tasks independently according to product design and requirements.


    • Android UI framework, thread, process characteristics, Android network communication protocol, such as: http, web service, socket, etc., familiar with Android performance index.


    • Skilled in using of Android Studio IDE, at least one Android product project development experience.


    • OOP skills based on Java programming language.



Other requirements:

    • Bachelor degree or above, Computer Software or related major.


    • Advance English Level (Mandatory).


    • Ability to have close attention to the development of new technologies in the industry and grasp the direction of technology development.


    • Analytical skills and KPI achievement orientation.


    • Collaboration & teamwork ability, good ability to withstand stress, positive attitude, be able to actively integrate into the area.


    • Resourcefulness capability, excellent attention to details.


    • High commitment and availability to work according to the business necessities.


    • Ability to maintain clear focus under pressure is a must.


    • Understand and bring openness to different cultures.

. Beneficios:

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