Se necesita Delivery CoordinatorHuawei del Perú S.A.CSan Isidro ,Lima

Huawei del Perú S.A.C

Our customer, international company requires a Delivery Coordinator inside its electronic devices consumer division, who is responsible for:

* Delivery tracking, including but not limited the production available date tracking with China team.
Shipping documents checking and confirmation back to LSP. 
* International logistics status, custom clearance tracking, local transportation.
Delivery forecast and planning management, to review the future demand & supply status, customer PO tracking. 
* Revenue management, to achieve timely revenue trigger under requested KPI. 
LSP performance management for accuracy delivery and accuracy POD (Proof of delivery) uploading.
* Escalate international LSP shipping advice on time /accuracy sending.
Customer relation management in the function of delivery.

Professional background:

* Bachelor degree in International Economics and Trade, International Business. 
* Around 1 year experience in delivery management scope, handling international trade and business supply chain with focus on the whole process from products ready till delivery to customer. 
* Experience in retail, massive consumer is preferred but not limited. 
* Supply chain management including but not limited logistic, warehouse, cost, quality and reverse business management. ·        
Advance project management and logistic service providers’ management (LSP).
* Methods of international trade, economics and international tax.
* Capable to use MS Excel and familiar with formulas.
* Advance English Level. 
* Ability to project and manage several initiatives at once.
* Exceptional communication skills and interpersonal skills. 
* Strong organizational and lead times management. 
Ability to adapt, learn and have positive attitude.
High commitment and availability to work according to the business necessities.
Ability to maintain clear focus under pressure is a must. Understand and bring openness to different cultures

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